Notable Members

Pictured below are 30 notable members, with short bios, from a distinguished group of Tau Bates that includes 17 Draper prize winners, 8 postage stamp honorees, 12 winners of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 22 Nobel laureates, 53 recipients of the National Medal of Technology, 67 honorees in the National Inventors Hall of Fame, 72 astronauts, 81 recipients of the National Medal of Science, hundreds of members of the National Academy of Engineering, hundreds of corporate CEOs and academic leaders, 14 state governors, more than 20 Olympic and professional athletes, and 2 Super Bowl winners.

Mark Dean
Mark E. Dean
TN Alpha 1979 read bio
Gregory Fenves
Gregory L. Fenves
NY Delta 1979 read bio
Alice Gast
Alice P. Gast
CA Delta 1980 read bio
John Hennessy
John L. Hennessy III
PA Theta 1973 read bio
Executive profile
Maria M. Klawe
CA Omega 1973 read bio
Executive profile
Charles M. Vest
WV Alpha 1963 read bio
Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin
MA Beta 1962 read bio
Raja Jon Chari
Raja Jon Chari
CO Zeta 1999 read bio
Jan Davis
N. Jan Davis
AL Alpha 1977 read bio
Michael Massimino
Michael J. Massimino
NY Alpha 1984 read bio
Judith Resnik
Judith A. Resnik
PA Gamma 1970 read bio
Ed White stamp
Edward H. White II
MI Gamma 1952 read bio
Christina Bonnington
Christina Bonnington
Mississippi Beta 2010 read bio
Kasey Cooper
Kasey M. Cooper
AL Alpha 2018 read bio
Rick Dennison
Rick S. Dennison
CO Delta 1979 read bio
Stefan Humphries
Stefan Humphries
MI Gamma 1984 read bio
Aron Ralston
Aron L. Ralston
PA Gamma 1997 read bio
Tom Scholz
MA Beta 1969 read bio
Silvia Acevedo
Silvia Acevedo
NM Alpha 1979 read bio
Gil Amelio
Gil F. Amelio
GA Alpha 1965 read bio
Mary Barra
Mary T. Barra
MI Zeta 1985 read bio
Jeff Bezos
Jeff P. Bezos
NJ Delta 1986 read bio
Michael Bloomberg
Michael R. Bloomberg
MD Alpha 1964 read bio
Executive profile
Clara Shih
CA Gamma 2005 read bio
Amar Bose
Amar G. Bose
MA Beta 1952 read bio
Mildred Dresselhaus
Mildred S. Dresselhaus
SC Gamma 1951 read bio
Kristina Johnson
Kristina M. Johnson
NC Gamma 1981 read bio
Jack Kilby
Jack S. Kilby
IL Alpha 1947 read bio
Executive profile
Robert S. Langer Jr.
NY Delta 1970 read bio
Mark Rober
Mark Rober
UT Beta 2004 read bio

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